About Us

SCHULTZ CARRASCO BENITEZ was founded to provide legal advice with high specialization standards to entities and people seeking a personalized and efficient service. We do not only identify problems, we also seek to solve them in a strategic manner that adds value for our clients. Furthermore, we provide an innovative and reliable solution for our client’s legal disputes or conflicts.

To do so, SCHULTZ CARRASCO BENITEZ strives to provide the highest level of service in different areas, such as corporate law and mergers and acquisitions to fullfil our client’s demands within the limits of the current legislation. We also provide counsel to our clients in the development of power generation projects, mining, wastewater treatment and real estate projects, in regard to environmental regulation taking into consideration their development strategies.

The firm focuses on both immediate and long-term goals with its clients, helping them address and anticipate challenges across a changing environment giving them strategic and innovative solutions to their necessities. Additionally, the firm’s collaborative culture allows the firm to work as a team, permanently sharing its insight and experience with clients.